50 Ways To Women’s Wellness Summit

A Homeopathic Strategy for Women’s Unique Health Issues


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My interview will air on the 10th of September 2019.

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My goal was to give you hope that a safe, efficacious medicine exists.
Spark a desire in you to learn more.
Provide you with some homeopathic tools to start using today.

You have come to the right spot.

Two hundred and fifty years of clinical evidence and modern research underscore the power of homeopathy.

I designed this infographic to show that safe, alternative homeopathic solutions exist.


If women are to rise to their fullest potential, they need to take their health into their own hands.

This is a fundamental and universal truth.

This requires minimizing, and sometimes even eschewing, modern pharma’s methods.  


For years, big pharma has dominated our collective culture, often abusing women’s health and wellness in the process.

It’s now time to return that medical control and knowledge to the women it rightfully belongs to.            ​​

In the world of homeopathy, there is a corresponding natural medicine for every specific female condition that does not require synthetic hormones, invasive procedures, or manipulation of the female body.

Over 250 years of clinical evidence and modern research underscore the power of homeopathy to provide the necessary tools for women to successfully take their personal healthcare into their own hands.   

A life well lived is one in which you unapologetically take control of your destiny. Instead of bumping around the bottom, you can choose to rise to the top of your game.

“June of 2017 found me (once again) searching the internet for answers to my chronic health conditions. When I came across Joette’s website, I knew that there was something different about it – something that offered more hope than any of the other solutions I had tried. I enrolled in one of her courses and I could see quite readily that homeopathy truly delivered all that it promised. Many months later, I came across an old blog post that I had written where someone had commented and directed me to Joette’s website. Although I disregarded the comment at the time, I will forever be grateful to the anonymous commenter who planted a seed within my mind. By the time I came across Joette’s courses through my own searching, that seed had germinated to the point where I was ready and willing to give homeopathy a fair chance. And now as I enjoy health that is much-improved thanks to homeopathy, I am excited to continue planting the seed and sharing with others the wonderful results they too can find through homeopathy.” 

~ Karen T., Cody, WY.