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How You Can Correct Female Ailments Using Safe, Inexpensive and Effective Homeopathy

A homeopathic strategy for women’s unique health issues

Mood swings. PMS. Urinary Tract Infections. Hot flashes. Cold feet. Breast tenderness. Cramps. Morning sickness and varicose veins…

It’s fun being a woman, right?!


Many of you already know me. I’m Joette Calabrese and I’m a homeopathic consultant, lecturer, author and mother who has raised 3 children to adulthood using only homeopathy and pig-headed determination.

I’m also a Weston A. Price Foundation Honorary Board member, and author of the column in Wise Traditions called The Homeopathy Journal.

Want to jump ahead?

I’m a woman, I get it!

I mean, don’t get me wrong, being a woman is wonderful, but do you ever feel like you just don’t get a chance to really enjoy it?

To enjoy your beauty, your femininity, your energy and simply the pleasure of being a woman?

Sometimes we feel like our life is slipping by with so much untapped potential.

Maybe it’s little things, like the dress that stays hanging in the closet because you always feel bloated and frumpy.

Or the makeup that stays in the drawer because your skin is irritated and broken out, or because you’re too tired to go out and have fun.

Maybe it’s big things, like realizing your family has been walking on eggshells for years because you are stressed out and irritable all the time.

Or your marriage is strained because you are having health problems that affect your sex life.

Or you have lost your creativity and zest for life because your hormones and vitality are depleted.

Do you ever feel like you’ve spent your whole life waiting until you’ll feel good, feel right, feel like your life can finally get started?

Waiting until you’ve lost 20 pounds, until your skin is glowing, until you have energy, until you finally feel confident and relaxed?

Until your headache, cramps, UTI, hot flashes, menstrual flow, or yeast infection finally ceases so that you can truly feel like your real self again?

(Even though you’re not exactly sure you remember what your “real self” felt like in the first place.)

If so, then this is the course for you:

    • Do you want to learn how to help yourself get your feminine mojo back?
    • How to avoid the pitfalls of women’s health that so many of your peers will succumb to in the future?
    • How to help your daughters, granddaughters, or the children you may one day have in the future?
    • Do you want to improve your fertility, your health and your overall quality of life?


How You Can Correct Female Ailments Using Safe, Inexpensive and Effective Homeopathy

A homeopathic strategy for women’s unique health issues

Natural, balanced, beautiful feminine energy and vibrant health should be your birthright. Unfortunately, in the world we live in today, this goal is becoming more and more elusive.

Little girls are different than little boys, and women are different than men.

Women have unique health issues,
and some of the health issues that both men and women face have an entirely different effect on women:

      • Women are more likely to die following a heart attack than men
      • Women are more likely to show signs of depression and anxiety than men
      • The effects of sexually transmitted diseases can be more serious in women
      • Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis affect more women than men
      • Women are more likely to have urinary tract problems and autoimmune disorders
      • Women are more likely to suffer from hormonal imbalances, etc.

What makes women different?

Women are more tampered with. They are more likely to consult a doctor or psychiatrist, and do you know what that results in? More drugs.

Women are more likely to engage in unhealthy dieting, which can result in nutrient deficiencies, metabolic problems, hormonal problems, stress and various other negative consequences.

Women are more exposed to chemical toxins in everyday life through beauty & hygiene products and cleaning products. Women typically use more “products” in general.

Women spend more time taking care of everyone else, which can result in exhaustion and too much stress.

Women are more likely to become too invested in unhealthy relationships.

Women bear children – a beautiful thing, but one that places great stress on their bodies.

Women go through menopause.

And the biggest one of all? Artificial birth control. This on its own causes huge problems, with long-term repercussions.

This course is for all of you women out there; for your daughters, your mothers, your female friends and relatives.

This is the course that addresses those ailments and concerns that are specific to women and girls, and the issues that are most prevalent among us.


How You Can Correct Female Ailments Using Safe, Inexpensive and Effective Homeopathy

A homeopathic strategy for women’s unique health issues

If you are fed up with the side-effects of drugs and hormone treatments, if you are tired of wasting money on ineffective supplements, or exhausted and stressed from trying one diet after another…

If you feel like all of your efforts to improve your health just haven’t gone far enough…if you are a woman…then you and I have something in common.

I tried all of those things as well and had all of the same frustrations until I found homeopathy, and, more specifically, the Banerji protocols, which allowed me to truly break through that wall of frustration.

In this course, I’ll teach you the tactics that made such a difference in my own life, the lives of my clients and friends, and those that can make a profound difference in your life, too.

I will teach you Practical Homeopathy. Read on for further clarification.

I have been where you are now. I’ve dieted, taken supplements, bio-identical hormones, essential oils, herbs – but nothing, nothing has ever come close to the reproducible, safe, and effective results I and my clients have achieved with homeopathy.

Teaching families has been my mission from day one, but oh, how frustrating it was when I always had to put my hand up and explain that this or that was outside the ability of a family to treat because it was a chronic condition.

The final pieces came together for me while I was in India working at the Banerji Clinic in Calcutta.

I traveled to Calcutta, India. In three fellowships over a total of 15 weeks, I sat next to the Drs. Banerji and observed and recorded 6000 cases.

After a long day in the clinic shared with Dr. Prasanta and his son, Dr. Pratip Banerji, I would travel to the inner city to the free evening clinic, and for 3-4 hours every night, I cataloged practically every disease known in the free world.

I loved every single moment of this remarkable training, and now you get to reap the benefits.


I presented my case for Practical Homeopathy.

Two years ago in April, I presented my case at the National Center of Homeopathy for a Practical Homeopathy and Pathology-Specific Homeopathy to a standing room-only group of more than 500 attendees (mostly practitioners and students of the classical mode).

Although I initially expected them to throw tomatoes at me, instead they were encouraged to learn there was a way other than classical that produced consistent results.

As a direct result of this, the Drs. Baneji were asked to present on the subject in California this past April.

Freedom at last! Freedom from the restraints of old shackles that were held by those who knew no other way!

Don’t assume that mood swings, PMS, cramps, hot flashes, lack of libido, or any other host of sufferings are just a normal and inescapable part of being a woman.

Don’t assume that a woman needs to be medicated, supplemented, HRT’d or constantly micro-managing her diet in order to enjoy a lifetime of good health, energy, productivity and joy.


How You Can Correct Female Ailments Using Safe, Inexpensive and Effective Homeopathy

A homeopathic strategy for women’s unique health issues

Why a course specializing in feminine issues, you ask?

Well that is a very good question and I can answer it this way, quoting my favorite doctor, Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD:

“Although medical and surgical overkill are routinely inflicted on all Americans, its primary victims are women.

Women visit doctors seven times as often as do men – with an attendant increase in risk.

I believe the greatest risk to your health is the doctor who practices Modern Medicine.”

Women, moms, girls: you need the alternative to say NO to the medical conveyor belt

This course is a natural progression from my last two courses:

      • Good Gut Bad Gut: A Homeopathic Strategy to Uproot Seemingly Unrelated Illness in Body and Mind, and
      • Skin, The Ugly Truth: Safe, Effective Treatment of Skin Ailments, Chronic or Acute, with Homeopathy

To be honest, this should have been my first course

Motherhood is hard enough when you have your health! How can you possibly be expected to thrive when you don’t have optimal health?

This course is for you

You don’t need to start from scratch. You don’t need to buy 20 textbooks, expensive computer programs, or travel to distant cities over many weekends away from your children.
Most importantly, you don’t need to go it alone.
I will hold your hand. Just as I wish I’d had someone like me 30 years ago.

“Competence and integrity…these are words that best describe Joette Calabrese
as a classical homeopathic practitioner and educator.”

-Dr. A. U. Ramakrishnan
Honorary Homeopathic Physician to the President of India

Joette Calabrese is a highly qualified tutor on staff at the British Institute of Homeopathy.
In my association with her as a colleague and as director, I find her to be a committed,
experienced and enthusiastic homeopath worthy of distinction. The British Institute
is honored to be associated with Joette.

-Maria T. Bohle, CCH, RSHom (NA), ACACN, DHM, DCN
Director, British Institute of Homeopathy


How You Can Correct Female Ailments Using Safe, Inexpensive and Effective Homeopathy

A homeopathic strategy for women’s unique health issues

What will you learn if you join me and those already committed?

I have made the complex simple, the methods learnable today and usable tonight, and the solutions practical.

Here is a taste of what this course will cover:

Your Take Away:

      • Four two-hour +, pre-recorded PowerPoint webinars. We are using real cases as teaching exercises
      • Private website access. All the course material, on-demand any time, day or night, for instant review
      • Printable copies of the PowerPoint slides, so you can keep your notes right with the slides.
      • Access to a private Facebook group where students from all of our courses participate in a robust online discussion. This private Facebook group is monitored by my staff.
      • Price: $487.00. Easy payment plans available
      • 100% Money Back Guarantee – see details below

Here is a taste of what this course will cover:

You already know instinctively if you have a daughter or granddaughter that they will likely be afflicted with acne. Are you going to go down that dangerous medical conveyor belt?

I’ve said it time and again. Doctors are not scoundrels. I don’t hate them, but there is something I do despise:

It is the institution of modern medicine, and particularly, the institution of OBGYN.

(Well, pediatrics too, but that’s another story!)

The way I see it, doctors don’t really know how condescending and dangerous their methods can be.

Take the birth control pill, for example.

It is one of the only times in history in which a healthy person is put on a powerful drug daily in order for their normal physiological functions to be purposely suppressed.

Read that again to make sure it sinks in.

Medicine of commerce, as I call it, has one goal…to sell their product. It is not intended to cure, nor to give the consumer any empowerment. Instead, it is to sell a product…that is, until it is found out that the product causes more harm than the original condition.

The outcome of years of taking this drug is not well published, and hence, not well-known. But by now, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably concluded the same, or else you’d no longer be reading these kinds of posts.

Modern medicine is not in your or your daughter’s life for a lifetime…YOU are. They are in your life for as long as it takes for your doctor to prescribe the drug, and for you to pull out your credit card.

This, my friends, is why you must be aware and have solutions at hand!

Do you want to be confident and able to treat yourself?

Be ready!

Vision isn’t easy. As a result, many of you will let this opportunity pass through your fingers.…

Don’t let this chance pass you by and live to regret it (I don’t know how long we’ll be offering this).

Remember when I said at the beginning that this course is for you, even if you know very little about homeopathy?

Here’s why: I am including a 5-part, pre-recorded Power Point presentation entitled: Intro To Homeopathy and Banerji Approach to Homeopathy.

Once you are enrolled in the course, you will be sent a link to a special page where you will be able to watch the 5-part presentation as many times as you wish.

Each student that watches these five 10-20 minute presentations will come away with a better understanding of the theory and history of homeopathy.

Now, no worries. You will have a better grasp of homeopathy so that you can begin this course and hit the floor running.

My offer to you is risk free.

Join the class watch the first webinar, then try and convince yourself to stop. If you don’t find, as one of my students put it,

Gay2014“My daughter is 21 and has had acne since 14. She had worked with a classical homeopath but did not get very good results. GAPS helped a little. We read your article “Pippa and Pimples” and she did that protocol. I am happy, no ecstatic, to report that it has cleared her face!!! We tell everyone about it!!!” (this is a comment that appeared on my blog, submitted by Gay 2014/10/06 at 12:44 am)

then simply email us (within the first 24 hours of purchase) that you wish to leave the group. We will cancel your privileges and refund 100% of your paid tuition.

Practical Homeopathy will, upon request via, issue a refund if the request is made within 24 hours of purchase and the title has not been watched for more than 2 hours.

You can request a refund for nearly any purchase on Practical Homeopathy – for any reason. Maybe you purchased a course by mistake or maybe, after watching an hour of a course video, you felt it was not right for you.

There are more details but even if you fall outside of the refund rules described here, you can still request a refund, and we’ll take a look.

Don’t let this chance pass you by and live to regret it.

Don’t wait until tomorrow. Things to be done tomorrow are frequently not done at all. Now, while this letter is before you, simply click this link.

If you believe in homeopathy, if you dislike the allopathic option, if intuitively, you are simply looking for another way…

This is the time.

This is the moment.

You will not find this material anywhere else. (Unless you can get a fellowship and want to travel to India!)

Please join me.



P.S. If you order right now, you can download a free information graphic. The Three Feminopathy Fates. Thirteen remedies each for a different fate of womanhood in simple, easy-to-follow image that can fit on your refrigerator.


How You Can Correct Female Ailments Using Safe, Inexpensive and Effective Homeopathy

A homeopathic strategy for women’s unique health issues


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“Joette Calabrese is one of those rare practitioners who combine profound expertise in her field — the practice of homeopathy — with profound understanding of the laws of good nutrition.”
-Sally Fallon President, Weston A. Price Foundation

“I contacted Joette because I had terrible eczema. This was not just any eczema. The itching was sometimes a 9 on a scale of 1- 10. I was on GAPS diet for years and yet my skin, fatigue and allergies were still horrible.
Joette suggested a set of remedies the first go around and I saw a small improvement, but only minimally. At that time I had to take a shower twice daily just to aid with my horrible skin that was worse when I perspired. I wasn’t living; I was merely existing. But all of that is in the past and I no longer need SKYPE appointments with Joette.
No more maddening itching. Now it will only occasionally be itchy and when it does occur, it’s a level 4, but most importantly, it lasts for only a short time. I also no longer have fatigue, my nasal allergies are much improved, and I have my life back so I can concentrate on my family instead of my skin. I tell everyone who will listen! “
-Jeannie Rite, Kaikohe, New Zealand (pseudo)

“I had chronic painful joints, chronic fatigue that was nearly debilitating and was wondering what direction I needed to turn until I found Homeopathy. Within 2 months of using the remedies Joette taught me about, I am back to my old self. My knee is still a little swollen, but it’s comparatively minimal.
I’m so impressed that I decided to take Joette’s course, “Good Gut Bad Gut” and am studying daily. I am now helping others and have started teaching the protocols that Joette teaches.
Many thanks to Joette, the Drs. Banerjis and Dr. Samual Hahnemann for making this available to me and my family of 8.”
-Janetta Dunham
Atlanta, Georgia

“My energy is back! I am no longer cold! But most importantly my thyroid tested normal! The only thing I used was Homeopathy.”
-Diane Gellie, Auckland, New Zealand (pseudo)

“Joette, something remarkable happened after I took the remedies. I felt a radical shift in my well-being and a euphoric sense of happiness and energy each day. I was crying with joy to finally feel well again. Wow!”
-Angela R., Sarasota, FL

“Just want to say “THANK YOU” for your common sense and comforting perspective on all of this!!!! God bless you for all you do :)”
-Kathryn Virginia Beach Va.

“I’m home full-time with my kids and my primary focus has been raising them and keeping them healthy. Homeopathy has been a wonderful blessing in our family and has extended far beyond my immediate family, as I’ve helped and shared what I’ve learned from Joette’s course and other resources.
So many lives have been blessed because Joette has shared her experience and knowledge with all of us, and I’d love to continue to carry that torch! I’m hoping to continue learning from Joette all along the way.
Thanks for your time and all you do!”
-Julie Barnes
Los Angeles, California