The deadline for submitting questions ( to allow time for me to review ) is October 14th.

Welcome to all my students of Feminopathy. I’m proud of you for taking your family’s health into your own hands and for dedicating your time to becoming the healer in your own home!

Here are the guidelines for submitting your questions for this special Feminopathy Q&A class:

•  Keep your questions limited to the topics covered in this course.

•  I am anticipating a lot of questions and that we’ll be covering a wide range of topics. But this means I can only accept ONE form submission per student! You may ask more than one question, but they must all be submitted together on this form. Once you click “submit” you will no longer have access to submit this form again. Therefore, it’s best to wait to submit your questions until you have watched all four Feminopathy classes.

•  There is a 375 character limit (this includes spaces), so you can probably fit two or three long questions or five or six short ones.

•  I recommend that you keep a notepad next to you while you watch the classes, so you can jot your questions down as you go along. Review your questions after completing the last class and see if any were answered in subsequent classes. Those questions that are still unanswered can be entered here.

•  You may also ask questions during the live class, but questions sent in ahead of time will be prioritized.

•  I will not be taking cases for this Q&A class, just questions, so do not submit long cases for yourself or a family member or friend. A class such as this is not the proper venue for giving remedy recommendations for real-life cases.

•  Don’t submit a “short” case either! Generally, these short cases are impossible for me to address in a satisfactory way due to the incomplete nature of the information. Questions like these usually don’t make for good learning opportunities and are difficult to answer, because they provide me with neither a clear diagnosis to address, not a comprehensive view of the entire case.

•  I am planning for at least a two-hour long class and questions will be reviewed in the order that they are received. We will prioritize the questions that are of greatest benefit to the majority of students.

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