What you just heard contained only one of many writer downers
– it is just the beginning.

This is the medicine that gave me my life back.

This is a groundbreaking course.

What you can expect:

  • Four two-hour +, pre-recorded PowerPoint webinars. We are using real cases as teaching exercises.
  • A fifth LIVE class with me. Just Q&A – after completing the course, I’ll answer all your course-related questions in an exclusive evening webinar later in October.
  • Over 200+ homeopathic protocols.
  • Private website access. All the course material and recorded PP video presentations on-demand anytime day or night for instant review. Study at your own pace at your own convenience.
  • New with this course – I’ve produced a timestamp index by illness. Now you are able to search the videos quickly to locate the proper protocol for a specific ailment. 
  • Printable copies of the PowerPoint slides.
  • Access to the webinar video.
  • An invitation to join my private student Facebook group; a community of like-minded people with common sense, homeopathic way of thinking. With your new knowledge and this strong support network, you’ll gain competence and confidence.
  • Special credentials to access OHM Pharma to purchase your remedies at a discount.
  • A 100% Money Back Guarantee – see details.

Join me in this life-changing course and start using this medicine tonight.

“I’m so glad I decided to start purchasing Joette’s courses instead of a classical homeopathy course.

The Feminopathy course is packed full of information that I can relate to and put to good practical use. It was great! I really appreciated the recommendation of taking a remedy for 6-8 weeks and learning how to recognize indications for changing a remedy. I agree, Ignatia is a lifesaver for grief!

I am so grateful for the helpful information. Life for me will be better from now on.”

– Sharon C.
Lexington, KY