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The 3 Feminopathy Fates
13 common conditions 13 practical solutions.

About this prize in the artist’s own words:

“The Fates provide a good visual image for illustrating the subject matter central to the Feminopathy course – women’s ailments from youth to old age. It’s interesting that the ancient Greek name for the middle Fate is Lachesis, and that she shares her name with a powerful homeopathic remedy – one has traditionally been considered to be of particular use to women, especially during the transition from the childbearing years to the latter half of life.”

This is only the beginning

Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD:

“Although medical and surgical overkill are routinely inflicted on all Americans, its primary victims are women.
Women visit doctors seven times as often as do men – with an attendant increase in risk.
I believe the greatest risk to your health is the doctor who practices Modern Medicine.”

Women, moms, girls: you need the alternative to say NO to the medical conveyor belt.

In the world of homeopathy, there is a corresponding natural medicine for every specific female condition that does not require synthetic hormones, invasive procedures, or manipulation of the female body.